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Worldwide Food Expo Chicago

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Admission relates to your connections, whether you can obtain a pass or not. Since my workplace is a major exhibitor at the show, I was able to obtain a free pass.

Really, the whole place becomes a giant buffet, with different exhibitors giving away different foods, drinks and yes, ICE CREAM and plenty of it! I recommend skipping lunch, and ultimately I skip dinner as well.

The show features new food processing technologies, automation, and introduction of new products. Several years ago, I got to taste the fluffy "whipped" yogurt a few month before Yoplait introduced Whips! line of yogurts. Similarly, I have seen bottled water in collapsible plastic pouches that look more like Capri-Sun than the traditional water bottle, which is bulky waste.

Ingredients manufacturers give out marinades, seasoning salts, spice packs, or drink mixes. Meat processing people give out free hot dogs, ham cubes, cheeses, pork loin slices, and even whole burgers made of 85% lean beef! It's amazing all the things offered on the floor. I got to sample the #1 ice cream sold in Scandinavian countries. Another place put a scoop of ice ceam into a donut-shaped brownie. And this roving food orgy went on for about 3 hours till I covered the North and South exhibit halls and my belly was full.

At the same time, there's a bit of a dark underbelly to this show. Back in 2007, I tasted a 70% soy burger that when flavored properly deceived even me into thinking it's all beef! This was a vendor that sold to the school cafeteria folks. And then there's a company that makes slaughtering equipment. You get to see the hoof cutters, saws and drills used to chop up cows, pigs or sheep. And if you saw "No Country for Old Men, " they even had one of those stunners like the one the serial killer was using. The place also played a video loop of some pretty graphic animal slaughtering.

Definitely not a place for PETA folks or vegetarians/vegans but a nice overall experience trying new food samples and seeing what will be in the marketplace in the coming year(s).

While 2009's show was a bit tame compared to previous years and the number & amount of freebies was a little bit down, I did not leave disappointed. If you're lucky enough to attend, make an effort to see it and your tummy won't be disappointed.

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