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As security threats and technologies have evolved over the years, the line between physical and IT security has also begun to blur. Indeed, CSOs and CISOs at many organizations now wear dual hats as their duties have become more intertwined.

In many ways, the threats posed to businesses from cyberspace can be just as damaging, if not more than a physical security incident. Security managers have to prepare for everything from hackers trying to break into the corporate network to employees potentially leaking sensitive data on the Internet with their smartphones.

"We need to start thinking and acting differently, " said eBay CISO Dave Cullinane in a keynote speech at the SecureWorld Expo in Atlanta on Tuesday. "It's a very transformational time."

According to Cullinane, the information security threats facing today's businesses are numerous and include an explosion in the development of malware and the proliferation of mobile devices. He said the key to mitigating these threats is for organizations to finally come together and share information on attacks, which is what increasingly sophisticated hackers have been doing for years.

"We've got to stop doing this to ourselves. Our adversaries are making a ton of money, " said Cullinane "We have to start re-thinking security."

Changing the way businesses think about security, however, must begin with a thorough understanding of what is a constantly evolving threat landscape. The following are a few trends that were highlighted at the expo.

Risk and the Cloud

Over the past several years, the security industry has been abuzz over the evolution of cloud services. The ability to shift some of the infrastructure costs of enterprise-wide access control and video surveillance onto a service provider is appealing to many organizations. However, for IT security professionals, pushing data to the cloud poses a completely different set of security challenges.

Though the control responsibilities between cloud service providers and end users increase or decrease depending on the level of service offering (Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, Software-as-a-Service or Business Process-as-a-Service), end users still bear responsibility for protecting their data, according to Ben Halpert, director, IT risk leader – CIT information security and risk management at McKesson Corporation.

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