Dubai to host first World Expo

First World Expo

World’s Fairs have excited and inspired millions of people around the world by expressing the hopes and desires of their times. Perhaps unwittingly, they also provide a fascinating glimpse into the realities of those same times.

Ever since the first world’s fair in London in 1851, the goals of world’s fairs have been both high-minded as well as commercial. They also allow people to explore the world outside of their everyday experience — outside cultures, new scientific advancements, and new inventions.

As times change, world expositions have changed to fit those times. They continue to reflect both the commercial needs of their times while presenting the ideals, hopes, and aspirations of people even as those evolve.

One of the primary goals of world’s fairs is to entertain.
Both the amusement zones and pavilions in world’s fairs have evolved over time. As people have more and more entertainment options, world expositions have continued to find new ways to provide information and inspiration in new ways.

The history of world’s fairs is also a history of people claiming them dead.
We certainly have seen this recently as people claim that television and now the Internet have made world’s fairs obsolete — that we have now finally exhausted the potential to entertain, enlighten, and inspire outside of one’s own home.

We believe that world expositions are changing and will continue to change with the times. There will always be new ways to inspire, new ways to enlighten, new ways to entertain. We also can’t discount the attraction of experiencing something new as part of a group, a community.

I think another reason people think they're dead, at least in the United States, is because we haven't had one in the United States since 1984 and haven't had on in North America since 1986. Most Americans aren't aware that there have been eleven world's fairs since the Louisiana World Exposition in 1984.

World’s fairs are still important.
They are related to both the Olympics and the United Nations in many ways, but world’s fairs are unique in that the everyday person can experience them firsthand, not just athletes or politicians. Anyone can enter that expo site and feel a part of something new, feel a part of the world community, feel what potential man has for doing good in the world.

Perhaps that should be the mission of world expositions now— to make us even the slightest bit less cynical about the world and to let us feel we are a part of that world—and you can rarely experience that from your television or computer.

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World Of Possibilities Disabilities-FREE EXPO

by CaringCommunities

Caring Communities is excited to announce that the World of Possibilities Disabilities Expo is scheduled for May 19-21, 2006 at the Maryland State Fairgrounds in Timonium Maryland.
New to the Expo this year, we are adding an extra day to enjoy the exhibits, featuring SUNDAY as IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES AUTISM DAY. Pathfinders for Autism the sponsoring organization will work with Caring Communities to plan this incredible day which will highlight an autism pavilion of support resources, target autism-related augmentative communication/assistive technology exhibitors, schedule autism-related workshops and more! All Within the existing World of Possibilities Disabilities Expo!
Also, we will be launching our new World of Possibilities Magazine at the expo!!
You should not miss the World of Possibilities Disabilities Expo if you are a family caregiver, individual with a disability, …

Organizer Cancels Future Macworld Boston Expos

by ----

IDG World Expo Corp. has announced the cancellation of all future Macworld Boston Conference and Expo trade shows.
The annual convention was the summer counterpart to January's Macworld San Francisco show, which will now be the only annual consumer conference in the United States focused on Apple Computer Inc. and its Macintosh and iPod products.
The Boston-based show suffered a serious blow to its credibility, as well as to vendor and attendee numbers, when Apple declined to participate in the 2004 version.
Apple's decision was in response to IDG's move of the show from New York, where it had been held from 1998 to 2003, after its first 13 years in Boston

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'If corruption founds, contracts must stop' - graft czar  — Gazzetta del Sud english
The new measures come in the wake of a series of scandals involving high-profile politicians and multi-billion-euro contracts for the Expo world fair to be held in Milan next year.

Milan Expo time travels through Arts and Foods Pavilion  — Gazzetta del Sud english
The pavilion will be hosted at the Triennale Design Museum and promises a journey starting in 1851, the date of the first Expo world's fair. "Arts & Foods will involve all forms of media and all languages, from sculpture to painting, from video to ..

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