Beijing World Expo

Last November,Mr Wang Jinzhen,Vice President of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade,told us about the objectives of the horticultural Expo Beijing 2019 dedicated to the theme "Live Green,Live Better".

BIE: What has motivated China to take on the challenge of a new Expo?

Mr. Wang: After the success of Shanghai 2010 we would like to build up on the experience we have gained. Since 2010,we have expanded our collaboration with the BIE and its members. We are currently developing the World Expo Museum,the first museum dedicated to World Expos,and working on our participation to Milan Expo 2015 where we will have the 2nd largest pavilion. We wish to host Expo 2019 to further strengthen our involvement with the BIE and World Expos.

What impact do you hope Expo 2019 will have on China?

China is in the process of economic development and the living standards in the country are improving day by day. Along with these improvements,the quality of the environment is becoming an important issue for the Chinese people. Under these circumstances,the 3rd Plenum of the Communist Party of China held in November 2013,has integrated environmental protection among its key priorities. There could be no better timing for the Expo. It will help promote the concept of ecology,improve our environment and boost international cooperation. Beijing 2019 will give us the opportunity to learn from other countries and further improve our situation. By attracting tourists and generating employment,it will also help us reach our goal of doubling the GDP of China and the income for urban and rural citizens by 2020.

What do you want to achieve with the theme "Live Green,Live Better"?

The theme will insist on the importance of sustainable development. It will allow the public to understand the relationship between man and nature and what everyone can do to improve and protect our natural environment rather than destroy it.

Mr. Wang at the BIE General Assembly
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I wouldn't

Honestly, it all depends on what you like doing. But are World Expos really that exciting?
With all the things to see and do in China, why go back to Shanghai again just to see the expo? You could go to Beijing and see Forbidden City and the Great Wall. You could go to Xian and see the Terra Cotta Soldiers. You could go to Guilin and see the beautiful mountains the the Li River.
Or you could go to Japan or India or Thailand or Cambodia.

Why would you take young children on a

by long-trip-like-that

But since you are, here are some suggestions.
It depends on where you are going. The World Expo is in Shanghai this summer and I am sure there are plenty of things to keep young children entertained. I know there are several acrobat shows in Shanghai and Beijing. I do not think kids their age will enjoy or appreciate the culture or the history so there is not much you do about that. McDonalds are plentiful in the cities and so is KFC.
One thing, I hope your kids are diciplined. There is nothing worse than a doting parents on a long flight. Especially when the kids are misbehaving and disturbing the other passengers.

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