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Capt. Jim FREDASaltwater Fly Fishing in the Surf
by Capt. Jim Freda
Shore Catch Guide Service

ow that the months of November and December are upon us most people are eagerly preparing for the holiday season. Whether it is running around to shopping malls, drawing up Christmas wish lists, or preparing gourmet meals, a buoyant enthusiasm seems to permeate our daily endeavors. For the saltwater fly fisherman the feeling is the same but not for the same reasons.

November and December provide the greatest opportunity for the fly fisherman to hook into the largest fish of the season. Stripers and blues of truly trophy proportion will travel along the beaches on their annual migration run to the south. This is the time of year when the cows arrive, the female stripers as they are called, heading down from our northern New England waters.

It is hard to predict whether the migration route will be directly along the beach close enough to shoot a line into the suds, or whether the fish will stay to the outside offshore. Each season is different so you will need to be out there to actually see where the fish are being caught.

One tell-tale sign that fish will be coming in close along the beaches is whether or not the bait is present. If so the chances are excellent that the bass and blues will zero in on them. The predominant bait to look for at this time of year is the sand eel.

The sand eel, also referred to as the sand launce, or lance, is an inshore species not related to the common eel. Its scientific name “Ammodytes americanus” literally means sand burrower, a typical behavioral pattern of the sand eel when it is fleeing from a predator or resting.

Sand eels are recognized by their slender body with a pointed snout. They have a long dorsal and anal fin and are deep blue green to bronze on back with a white belly. They can grow as long as fifteen inches but are commonly found in the four to six inch range. The sand eel is found in shallow waters less than ninety meters with a...

About that Saltwater fishing expo in SOmerset

by Edmund69

Hey guys,
I had posted about the Fishing Expo in Somerset, remember someone said it was spam? :) Well, I did go to it and it was amazing. Holy shit! I found a new brand (to me) of Fly reel that seems to be really well made and inexpensive, for a fly reel. So soon as I get some free cash I'll order one.
It was really great, it's been a very long time since I've done any fishing and it just felt great to be around like minded people and really get to see what kind of tackle is used up here in the North East. Now I just gotta figure out how, when and where to get out

Saltwater Fishing Expo in Somerset

by Edmund69

March 18-20th there is a Saltwater Expo at the Garden State Center. I'm going and thought I'd give you guys a heads up in case you want to go.
Go to www dot sportshows dot com to get more info, there are three more scheduled in different areas in the North East.
I went to the Flyfishing SHow there and it was amazing!

Pennsylvania gun owners

by ProudCommunist

Pennsylvania gun owners threatened to boycott the state's largest hunting and fishing expo Tuesday after organizers announced that they would ban the display and sale of assault rifles at this year's show. Reed Exhibitions, a British-based company that runs the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Harrisburg each February, notified vendors of the change in policy over the last several days, a company representative confirmed to The Inquirer.
The presence of so-called assault weapons and high-capacity magazines might have served as "a distraction" from other aspects of the event in the wake of the recent school shootings in Newtown, Conn

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Weigh-in at Florida Tackle and Gun Club. (772) 713-6468 or □ Redbone Red Trout Celebrity Classic: Oct. 9-11, St.

See the stars of 'Duck Dynasty' at the 4th Annual Tennessee Valley Hunting and ..  —
.. with stars of the hit TV show “Duck Dynasty,” receive fishing tips from a Bassmaster Classic Champion, and tour over 500 sporting manufacturers' booths during the 4th Annual Tennessee Valley Hunting and Fishing Expo at the Von Braun Civic Center.

Hunting and Fishing Expo features TV celebrities, water-skiing squirrel and ..  —
HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – If you have an interest in the outdoors, the South Hall of the Von Braun Center in Huntsville is the place to be. It's the home of this year's Tennessee Valley Hunting and Fishing Expo.

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What if I chase the spiky blue haired VOCALOID that eats only sweets around Anime Expos Vocaloid concert hall after the show with a cupcake tied to a piece of string on a fishing pole Is this a good idea because it solves cases without shoes and is my fav

What if I chase the spiky blue haired VOCALOID that eats only sweets around Anime Expos Vocaloid concert hall after the show with a cupcake tied to a piece of string on a fishing pole Is this a good idea because it solves cases without shoes and is my fav

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