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South Towne Expo Center Events

The South Towne Expo Center prides itself on the level of security services we offer to events. Our knowledge of the facility and creating effective plans for events within it is unmatched. Supervisors and the Security Manager make rounds throughout each shift to reinforce with each guard what is expected of them and to answer any questions that may arise. The South Towne Expo Center security staff consists of ten full time employees and fifty part time employees. All full time staff and those with key access permissions and responsibilities receive an ADP background check prior to hire. All shift supervisors are CPR trained and some possess their Utah EMT certificate. The South Towne Expo Center offers a high-tech surveillance system, with over 40 cameras that record data to a computer server that is backed up to an off-site location. Our staff is knowledgeable of all the ins and outs of the facility, with a direct line of communication to Emergency Services and an excellent relationship with the Sandy City police department if armed officers are requested for an event. As added convenience, security services are billed post-event to your final settlement.

The South Towne Expo Center requires that all public events, trade shows, and/or events of 1, 000 or more attendees to schedule an onsite emergency medical technician through the facility. Additionally, any food function of 500 or more attendees also requires on-site emergency medical personnel. For the safety and convenience of all those involved with your event, we maintain a completely furnished First Aid Center in our facility. In addition, we recommend you consider staffing the First Aid Center during your move-in/move-out periods when your exhibitors are working on-site. During move-in and move-out, we have found injuries requiring medical assistance are more likely to occur. Charges for these services and supplies utilized are billed with your final statement. Please contact your Event Manager to order these services.

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Attention Portland Moms: JBF sale this weekend

by PDXmanx

This is the most fantastic sale of the year for used baby stuff. I got my pack n play there for less than 10 dollars last year. Its up at the expo center. If anyone wants the information for it, feel free to post here or email me, I dont want to spam, but this is a FANTASTIC sale. Oh and if you are a first time parent you can sign up and get into a pre sale before the rest of the public, and sunday is half price day!

Update: Portland web links

by PortlandWebmaster

Portland Oregon
Bridges of Portland Oregon:
SwingOut.net - swing dancing in Portland
McMenamins pubs and theaters
Crystal Ballroom:
Bergfreunde - ski and activity club
Trails Club of Oregon (Portland)
Portland City Club
Portland Chamber of Commerce
PINT of Portland
Oregon Entrepreneurs Forum
Software Association of Oregon
Oregon Creative Services Alliance
Oregon Multimedia|Internet Developers Group
American Marketing Association Portland chapter
PRSA Portland chapter
International Association of Business Communicators
- Portland chapter
Wired Women Web
Portland Oregon Women on the Web
Internet Professionals Northwest (Portland)
Portland Business Journal Events

Comin' to Vegas

by a-little-help-please

Hey there,
We're comin' to Vegas for a conference. We're young business owners and therefore are doin' it on the cheap. Driving down from Portland, Oregon actually.
Staying at the old motel Algiers. Heard it was a good basic place to lay your head at night.... that true?
Convention/Expo we're going to is at the Sands Expo Center at the Venetian. Is that something two atheletic 30 year olds could walk or is it too far. If too far, then what's the best way to get to it.
Also, what should we do and not do (I know... big question, but thought I'd see what people thought)

Re: Have you tried Saturday market ?

by jtodd

Saturday market isn't a flea market - I'd describe it as "artist's market" or "local small business stalls". No one-time resellers, and certainly not a place for two big tables of crap from my basement. I'm looking for a hamfest, or a higher-end flea market where educated technology people go to surf through interesting used gear. So far, no good leads. Someone sent me a listing for "The Portland Flea Market at the Expo Center" but Google turns up no meaningful results for describing what, exactly, that is.

Old Postcards Portland, Oregon Postcard
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  • Expo Center
  • Portland, OR
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  • Regular Size - approximately 3 1/2 inch x 5 1/2 inch or 9 CM x 14 CM

Nashville Pet Expo takes place Saturday  — WKRN
The Nashville Pet Expo took place Saturday at the Nashville Expo Center. The event was free and open to the public from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. It gave participants an opportunity to learn, adopt, shop and play with a variety of animals.

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