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Expo Design Center Scottsdale

On May 1, 2008, we went into the local Expo store to order an outdoor range hood. The person helping us explained that it was a special order and would be delivered in 15 business days. Two weeks later, we received a phone call explaining that there had been a mistake, and that the hood would not be delivered for another 4 weeks. I was given a delivery date of June 10, 2008. On 6/9/08, I called the store to inquire as the the status of the order and to ensure that the hood would be delivered on time. Customer service indicated that delivery would be delayed for an additional 3 weeks and could not provide an explanation as to why. I followed up with a call to the local store manager, who was indifferent to my predicament.

I contacted Home Depot's customer service line and was assigned a Level 2 Resolution Specialist. She made every attempt to expedite the order with the distributor and manufacturer, but to no avail. Finally, on July 10, 2008 (10 weeks after the order was placed), I received a phone call indicating that the hood had been delivered to the local Expo store. I advised my contact at customer service that I expected some form of compensation for my time and trouble, as well as the fact that the contractor would be charging me additional time/travel for having to come back. I was advised to take this issue up with local store management.

The gentleman I spoke with was helpful and polite, and said that the only thing he could do is issue a $200 gift card. He also explained that if I wanted anything over and above that, I would have to take it up with customer service. I asked him to send the gift card and advised him I'd be calling customer service. Upon returning home, I called customer service and left a voice message for my contact. The next day, I called and left another message. The day after that, I called and left another message. All three calls went unreturned.

I called the customer service main number and asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor advised me that since the store had issued a gift card, there was nothing else they could do. When I explained that the manager had said I'd have to negotiate with customer service for anything over and above the $200 gift card, the supervisor said Well sir, the manager wasn't guaranteeing you anything, he was just advising you of your right to call us. I asked for a phone number for the executive office, and was given an address instead.

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The previous comment was

by correct---that

If you want quality work you will have to pay. being cheap will get you cheap work.
If you want design services go to Expo Design center. They will do full design services for you (product and labor). They are very good, but expensive. But I think you are probably looking for someone hanging out outside around Home Depot. In which case, cant help there.

Bathrooms: Need your advice, please!

by Tanya121

We just bought a house and are completely overhwelmed with the amount of updating we have to do. I would like to ask you for an advice regarding bathrooms.
The house is only a few years old, but only the cheapest Home-depot like fixtures/hardware was used everywhere. I would love to make it look good and update the house as I go along. The hardware in all bathrooms is stainless steel with gold (yes, ugly gold). The shower heads, etc --EVERYTHING is gold. There are tile floors. No tile on the walls. In terms of vanities, it is just the cheap white simpe kohler pedestal sink (no actual vanities or cabinets of any kind) with the ugly stainless steel and gold faucet, hardware

My experiences with designers

by babyduck

Maybe you can go to the web site for HGTV and find someone in your area. I've worked with various designers and had a variety of experiences. The very best was with someone who lives in Benicia and works with William Lyons homes in the East Bay. You can probably find her by visiting the latest William Lyons home development and going to their design center.
What has worked best for me other than Jill was going to lots of open houses -- especially new houses, where the designers have lots of $$$ to spend. I sit in the rooms, and see how I feel with the colors and the design.

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EDISON, NJ - The Middlesex County Regional Chamber of Commerce will host 4th Annual Hispanic Business Expo July 22. The expo allows for professionals to network with and learn about the rapidly expanding Hispanic market in Central Jersey.

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Where are the Expo Design Center locations in IL

Downers Grove 1021 Butterfield Rd Downers Grove, IL 60515 (630) 353-9800 Store Hours: Mon - Sat 10 - 8 Sun 11 - 6 Vernon MORE?

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