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Home based Business Expo Colorado

66 months ago

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65 months ago

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I've been doing it for the past 3 months and really enjoying it!

- Was this comment helpful? / I'm associated with pays great money to get two people to buy their product. If you become one of their top sellers, they will even buy you a car or pay your mortgage. They hold meetings every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday night to give you tips on how to sell the product. You get all of the benefits of being a home business employee even though you are your own boss. You receive free training, a free website, a great product, and much, much more. You have the potential to make over $5, 000 a month by just getting these two people. The cost of this program is only $31.75, so it's really cheap. If you want more information, you can contact me at makemoneytolive@gmail.comsir how can one join the business ?am african and i live in ghana. so sir i want 2 know how best we can also parttake in the business.isaac from ghana

- Was this comment helpful? / . A home based BUSINESS is called that because it is - um, a BUSINESS. If you were starting a brick and mortar business, you would expect to have to invest thousands (possibly hundreds of thousands) into it. We have to get out of the poverty mentality, and stop expecting to get something for nothing. You get what you pay for. If you want to get everything for free, go on welfare. If you want a business, you're gonna have to pay SOMETHING. Otherwise, you'll attract a bunch of people with this sad mentality, and you'll never succeed. If you're (or someone who went to college) willing to spend hundreds of thousands on a college degree with no guarantee of success, what's a few hundred or thousand dollars to invest in something that could provide you with financial freedom for life?

I hope you understand what I'm saying. I hope this doesn't come across as rude. I'm just telling it like it is my friend :-)

Chris Keenan in Napa, California said: I have not, but I appreciate the lead.

#1 I want the business to have been around at least 10 years.
#2 I don't want to pay a fee to join
#3 I don't want to be required to buy something
#4 I want to be able market products from everywhere (not just one or two or a few)
#5 I want to market, not be involved with shipping products/services
#6 I want good support, both from my sponsor and from the company
#7 I want a free website to promote my business
#8 I want support for my website...FREE
#9 I want a good support team who has been through the ropes already and knows what to do.
#10 I want to see results in 30 days


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Portland web links

by PortlandWebmaster

Portland Oregon
SwingOut.net - swing dancing in Portland
McMenamins pubs and theaters
Bergfreunde - ski and activity club
Portland Area Radio Council
Trails Club of Oregon (Portland)
Portland City Club
Portland Chamber of Commerce
PINT of Portland
Oregon Entrepreneurs Forum
Software Association of Oregon
Oregon Creative Services Alliance
Oregon Multimedia|Internet Developers Group
American Marketing Association Portland chapter
PRSA Portland chapter
International Association of Business Communicators
- Portland chapter
Wired Women Web
Portland Oregon Women on the Web
Internet Professionals Northwest (Portland)
Portland Business Journal Events
Powells bookstore

Attracting the Hispanic franchise community: franchise expos ramp up efforts to reach qualified Hispanic prospects.(EVENTS): An article from: Franchising World
Book (International Franchise Association)

4th Annual Hispanic Expo comes to Edison  — TheAlternativePress.com
EDISON, NJ - The Middlesex County Regional Chamber of Commerce will host 4th Annual Hispanic Business Expo July 22. The expo allows for professionals to network with and learn about the rapidly expanding Hispanic market in Central Jersey.

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