Business Expo Wausau

If you are a morning person then Business AMs are for you. This is an opportunity to gain valuable leads for your business. Join us for Business AMs to connect with other members and enjoy a light breakfast to get your day off to a great start. Business AMs are held as scheduled.

If you are more of a night person then you can connect with potential customers or critical business contacts at our Business PMs. This opportunity is held monthly on Thursdays from 5 to 7 pm. PMs are another great way to network and build new business relationships.

All Wausau Region Chamber of Commerce member employees and prospective member employees are invited to attend both Business AMs and PMs.

Hosting a Business AM or PM is an exclusive benefit for members in good standing and provides you with an opportunity to showcase your business in an informal “open house” atmosphere at your location.

Business pM

Business PMs are held monthly on Thursdays from 5 to 7 pm.

2014 PM Dates
01/30/14 - Wausau Curling Club
02/20/14 - Jalapenos
03/13/14 - Aspirus
04/24/14 – EXPO Business PM
05/08/14 – Floorology
05/29/14 – Wisconsin Woodchucks
06/12/14 - Village of Kronenwetter
07/17/14 - Eye Clinic of Wisconsin
08/21/14 - The Dirks Group
09/18/14 – Center for Visual Arts

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by BlushingBride10

I love The Knot, the website is very helpful.. and there's discussion boards on there as well.
I like to flip through bridal magazines, I've got a lot from those, especially a local Michigan Brides magazine, so I don't know if your state has one of those.
Any bridal shows around where you live? That's something worth checking into :)

6k budget club!

by 1985RIOS

My FH and I have a 6k budget as well. We are keeping it less costly by deciding what i want and then finding it cheaper online. We found a reception hall that basically does it all for under $3,000! I have gone to millions of bridal shows for ideas and deals. Our professional photographer is only costing us $650 and they are all over so check them out! they are in Indiana, Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Texas, Wisconsin, and Ohio.
I am getting a great deal on linens at this site
Invitations at

In Detroit area - locaton, location, location!!

by thebig50

Your plan sounds like a winner.
I personally would position my location to be easy to reach from 696, 96, 94, 75, 275, etc. You will potentially get clients from all of S.E. Michigan.
Flint, Lansing, Toledo, Port Huron, etc. should be able to get on the highway and reach you within an hour. You have a very populated area to draw from.
If I were looking at this type of business, I wouldn't be concerned about prime, "Main $teet" retail space, as much as a large space with plenty of on-site parking. Think: close to the freeway, warehouse/studio (paint it white and add lots of tulle & mirrors) space that you can grow into and is cheaper - AND you can host bridal fashion shows regularly! With an on-line presence, and good word of mouth, your clients WILL find you

Tata Zest Auto Expo Body Kit To Become Special Edition Offering?  — Indian Cars Bikes
The Tata Zest was first revealed at in Delhi a few days before the Auto Expo. The car, which is slated to be the mark of a rebirth for Tata Motors was then showcased at the Delhi Auto Expo for public viewing as well.

Opportunities for SMEs in Latin America.(TRADE AMERICAS EXPO: MIAMI): An article from: Latin Trade
Book (Miami Media, LLC)

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What exactly is a business expo?

Communities schedule these to drum up business. It gives companies that might be new a chance to show off what they can offer. Many attendees might not be aware of them, otherwise.

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