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South Florida Weddings and Miami Events: There is nothing quite like a unique South Florida wedding or a South Florida event. The tropical climate in South Florida provides the perfect backdrop for your unique South Florida wedding or event. Want to get married on a tropical island, a Florida yacht, or in a South Florida botanical garden? You can find all these venues and more in beautiful South Florida. There is absolute luxury in Palm Beach, exciting hot spots in South Beach and Miami, and tropical splendor in the Florida Keys. With everything at your fingertips, South Florida and the Florida Keys are the perfect place to celebrate your special day! Take a look at over 150 South Florida wedding and event venues and step into paradise.

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Bridal show woes

by kittybride

Yeah, I found that the only thing I got from going to a Bridal Expo was a bunch of spam email and phone calls saying I've won things I really hadn't. One said I won $400 worth of flowers, but I had to buy $1000 worth to get the free ones!
Oh, but I did get a few free wedding magazines and a pen...not sure it made it worth going but...

Santa rosa wedding expo?

by julybride08

Is anyone else in the santa rosa area going to the wedding expo this saturday? my mom, MOH and I are planning on going, i've heard it's the biggest show in town. the website is you can buy tickets for $2 cheaper online, not bad. how many of you have found your vendors at bridal shows? i really need to check out photographers and cake people.

Nothing wrong with visiting wedding expo

by dreamjob1

It's a great way for you to see all that's involved in the planning. Lots of vendors will likely ask you what's your wedding date and you can just make up one that's at least a year away so they won't hound you to death to make a sale right then and there.
I agree that you should not use your main e-mail address when filling out your contact info, as you will be inundated with vendor solicitations. Enjoy the bridal show! Become a Top Wedding Planner - Exhibiting at Bridal Shows and Wedding Expos
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Where is David's Bridal in Lakeland Florida?

The closest David Bridal to Lakeland Florida is David's Bridal 4503 W Kennedy Blvd Tampa, FL 33609 Phone: (813) 281-8053

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