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Art glass Expo

In 1994 Tommy Licata, founder and owner of Las Vegas Management and Creative Endeavors, was asked if he would be interested in organizing an educational conference and tradeshow for the Art Glass Industry. He and Nancy Montgomery consulted with industry leaders such as Kay Bain-Weiner, Norm Dobbins, Vicki Payne, Joe Porcelli and many others; the result was the Glass Craft Expo. It was held at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas the spring of 1995.

1996 Glass Craft Expo moved to the Cashman Convention Center, where it was held for the next 10 years. The Expo was designed to help promote the art glass industry, by offering educational classes, a trade show and networking opportunities, all which were open to the public. The goal was to include all forms of art glass, including stained glass, fused glass, cold working, mosaics, and flameworking. Shirley Harvey became the Show Manager, a position she held for many years.

Lee Anne Short, who had worked on the Creative Endeavors side of the company, took over production of the show after conclusion of the 2003 Expo. On the 10th anniversary, the show was renamed to "Glass Craft & Bead Expo" to include the growing flameworking and bead industries, and later in 2004, Patty Cerajewski was recruited to the Show Manager position.

As the show continued to grow, filling every square foot of the Cashman Center, it was determined that we had outgrown that facility. In 2006 the South Coast Hotel and Conference Center was opened and the show moved to this great facility, with a great combination of meeting rooms, event space, trade show halls, and best of all, on site hotel rooms. South Coast became South Point in 2007, and is still the home of the show.

Tommy Licata passed away in 2008, and the International Hot Glass Invitational held during the 2009 show was dedicated to his memory. The Invitational was the largest flame-off that had ever been held, with teams of 4-5 well know national and international lampworkers competing over two nights creating some of the most incredible sculptures.

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Just founf this about it in arts and crafts

by mamalyn

Bead collectors, jewelry designers
and aficionados – take note!
For the first (and only) time, the acclaimed
Bead Expo holds its annual extravaganza in the Bay Area, April 12-15 at the Oakland Convention Center
More than 180 leading bead vendors, many of them never before seen locally, will display their temptations for three full days.
• Antique and vintage beads - a dozen top dealers in rare material from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas.
• Contemporary art beads - artists working in glass lampwork, polymer, metals and other media

Just went to the 28th annual Art Deco

by starfodder

And Modern Expo here in Annandale Va..... Very cool.. if you are in the area.. it's well worth it...
I scored another Murano vaseline glass ashtray for my collection of Murano ashtrays..and a bitchin' Deco book holder...
Unfortunately.. I didn't have the 20k it would have taken to buy the really cool shit.. :(


by right_about_that

Time (prior to ww II) was the 'art deco' period in this country (taken from the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs in Paris)
the architecture from that period is reflective of a style that used ‘new’ building materials that were not used (traditionally) in buildings – things like glass blocks, polished metals, and plastics
That was also right about the time that Georges Claude’s first public display was two 38-foot long tubes at the Paris Expo in December 1910, so since that was so new, it only makes sense that it would be incorporat

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