Art EXPO Scottsdale

The Fine Art Expo unites an impressive gathering of 100 nationally celebrated and award-winning artists that passionately produce art in studios. They can be seen painting in all mediums, sketching in pen & ink, pastels and pencil, assembling mosaics, sculpting clay, carving wood, composing mixed media on canvas, welding, designing and sculpting jewelry. Outside, artists can be found working in outdoor cabanas carving alabaster, etching stone, welding metal, steel and copper, patina finishing, glass fusing and more! Enjoy the ambiance of quiet, leisurely strolls on paths that flow in and about the spectacular two-acre Sculpture Garden. See stunning medium, life-sized and monumental sculptures in bronze, stone, clay, metal, copper and mixed media, all in this amazing marketplace filled with participating artist’s fine arts and unique crafts.

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Popular Q&A

Where is the Oregon art expo?

The oregon art expo is tomorrow, and i need to know which convention center it's at. does anyone know by chance? google says it doesn't exist :(

Hi, guy! The info you mentioned is a bit unspecific. Oregon art expo? Is it the exact name? Which city does it take place? Portland or somewhere else?

If it is in Portland, I know there will be an art expo tomorrow. That is Art in the Pearl. It takes place at North West Park Blocks from Sep 3 to 5. Is it what you mean? The Art in the Peak is the annual arts festival. If you are interested in art, this event is definitely worth an exploration. You can learn more info about it from this link:

There are also some art expos in other places of Oregon tomorrow, like:

*Sisters …

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